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We produce, without question, the finest quality miniature guitars and music collectibles in the world.
Each handmade AXE HEAVEN® miniature replica collectible is exact in its details, down to the scratches, decals, and graffiti.

Waylon Jennings Tribute Mini Fender™ Tele™ Guitar Replica - Officially Licensed
Alex Lifeson Signature ES-355 Gibson Alpine White Miniature Guitar Model
Geddy Lee Vintage Tour Edition Mini Fender™ Jazz™ Bass Model Officially Licensed
Duane Allman 1959 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Miniature Guitar Model
Duane Allman SET OF 3 Gibson Les Paul Signature Mini Guitar Models
Duane Allman Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Burst "DUANE" Back Mini Guitar Model
The Everly Brothers Gibson SJ-200 Signature Ebony Mini Guitar Model
Official Stranger Things® Eddie's Guitar B.C. Rich® NJ Warlock® Mini Guitar Model
REAL AUTOGRAPHED - Gibson Les Paul Jay Jay French Twisted Sister Pinkburst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
Duck Dunn Original '59 Fender™ Precision Bass™ Duck Bass Miniature Model
Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard Translucent Cherry Limited 4 Album Edition Mini Guitar Model
Official Signature Jimmie Vaughan - Custom Vintage Mini Fender™ Strat™ Guitar Replica
*NEW Jimi Hendrix™ Gibson Psychedelic Flying V 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
Miniature Guitar MODEL KIT - Fender™ Stratocaster™ - BUILD YOUR OWN - Officially Licensed
Tom Petty Gibson SJ-200 Wildflower - Antique Natural Miniature Guitar Model
Kerry King Dean USA V Limited Edition Custom Mini Guitar - Officially Licensed
Adam Jones 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom - Antique Silverburst Mini Guitar Replica 1:4 Scale Model
Phil Lesh Alembic Osiris "Mission Control" Miniature Bass Handmade Model
Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard Appetite Burst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
Official B.C. Rich® Bich Green Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible
Gibson SG EDS-1275 Doubleneck Cherry 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
Gibson 1964 SG Standard Cherry 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model
33” x 18” - 5 x Mini Guitar Display Frame - Deep Red Suede - Warm Gold Leafing 2 1/4” Wood Frame
Sale MYSTERY SET of 3 Mini Guitars - RARE Limited Models! - NEW IN THE BOX!
Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV Set of 3 Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles - Officially Licensed Fender
Sale Officially Licensed KISS SET of 3 Miniature Guitar Models - AXE - ICEMAN - LOGO ICEMAN
Jerry Garcia™ Tribute - SET OF 6 Signature Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles
Sale EVH Set of 3 Eddie Van Halen Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles - Officially Licensed
Geddy Lee Fender™ Jazz Bass™ with Black Inlays Miniature Bass Guitar Replica - Officially Licensed