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We produce, without question, the finest quality miniature guitars and music collectibles in the world.
Each handmade AXE HEAVEN® miniature replica collectible is exact in its details, down to the scratches, decals, and graffiti.

Brian May Signature SET OF 3 Miniature Guitar Collection
Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Hamiltone Miniature Guitar Replica
Officially Licensed Kenny Wayne Shepherd Mini Fender™ Strat™ Copperboy Guitar Model
6" Officially Licensed EVH Frankenstein Guitar Holiday Ornament
*NEW - EVH 5150 Eddie Van Halen Mini Guitar Replica Collectible - Officially Licensed
LIMITED 1 of 150 - *Licensed  Fender™Parallel Universe Troublemaker Tele Blue Mini Guitar Model
LIMITED 1 of 150 - Fender™ Parallel Universe Blonde Meteora Mini Guitar Model
Miniature 1959 Fender Tweed Twin Ornamental Amp Model - Officially Licensed
LIMITED 1 of 50 - 1953 Roy Buchanan Fender™ Tele™ "Nancy" Mini Guitar Model Replica
Officially Licensed Jimi Hendrix Mini Fender™ Strat™ Saville Guitar Model
Officially Licensed Kenny Wayne Shepherd Mini Fender™ Strat™ Crossroads Blue Guitar Model
Custom Collectors Mini Guitar Acrylic Display Case by AXE HEAVEN
Eric's Famous Brownie Signature Mini Fender™ Strat™ Guitar Replica - Officially Licensed
Licensed Dean Dimebag Darrell FROM HELL Lightning Bolt Mini Guitar Model
Sale Officially Licensed KISS SET of 3 Miniature Guitar Models - AXE - ICEMAN - LOGO ICEMAN
Licensed Fab Four - John Lennon Tribute Mini Guitar - Radio Days
Licensed Fab Four - Abbey Road Tribute Mini Acoustic - Radio Days
Officially Licensed KISS Gene Simmons Signature AXE Bass Mini Guitar Model
Officially Licensed KISS Paul Stanley Replica Cracked Mirror Iceman Miniature Guitar Model
Sale EVH Set of 3 Eddie Van Halen Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles - Officially Licensed
Fab Four Set of 3 Classic Miniature Guitar Replica Collectibles
Paul's Original Violin Bass Miniature Guitar Replica - Fab Four
James Hetfield “Diamond Plate” Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible