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Phil Lesh Alembic Osiris "Mission Control" Miniature Bass Handmade Model

Phil Lesh Alembic Osiris "Mission Control" Miniature Bass Handmade Model

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Phil Lesh Alembic Osiris "Mission Control" Miniature Bass Handmade Model by AXE HEAVEN

Product #: PL-410

Information provided by :Jason Scheuner (Also helped with the details on the original miniature guitar by AXE HEAVEN.) Photos with real Mission Control Bass by Jason Scheuner

Live photo of Phil Lesh - (c) James Lee Katz

Alembic Custom Bass Guitar called “Osiris” aka “Mission Control” aka “Osage Orange” aka “The Omega”, built by Rick Turner for Phil Lesh not just for, but as part of the Grateful Dead’s legendary Wall of Sound. Started in 1972, completed in mid 1974. Serial Number 74 00008.

The Osiris bass debuted on stage June 16th 1974 and was played at almost every show until 7-1-79, but was occasionally spelled by the Alembic modified Guild Starfire known as “Big Brown” 250+ shows

Additional Notes:

Featured in Rolling Stone article about Alembic Sept. 27th 1973

6 Channel Bass. Neck pick up, Bridge pick up, Quad pick up (individual output for each string)

Part of Legendary Wall of Sound 1974

Featured in Grateful Dead Movie 1974

Played at Grateful Dead’s return from hiatus show (by invitation only) at GAMH 1975

Day on the Green 1976

Played at GD’s most famous show 5-8-77 Barton Hall, Cornell University

Played at the Great Pyramid in Egypt Sept. 1978 and Closing of Winterland 1978

Played at first performance of the Grateful Dead at MSG in NYC 1979

One of the first instruments ever built with LED dot markers on the neck, and they are still all original and functional.

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Each AXE HEAVEN® ornamental replica guitar is 1:4 scale and is individually handcrafted from solid wood, with metal tuning keys.

Each guitar model is approximately 10” in length and comes complete with a high-quality miniature adjustable A-frame stand and an AXE HEAVEN® guitar case gift box stamped with silver foil.

AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Replicas Look Great But Are Not Playable

AXE HEAVEN® Guitar Case Gift Box with Stamped Silver Foil and Adjustable A-frame Stand Included with Each Mini Guitar
AXE HEAVEN® Guitar Case Gift Box w/Stamped Silver Foil and Adjustable A-frame Stand Included

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